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What did you do to your N today ?

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but how exactly do you disable the esg?

Follow step #5 and #6 in guide below if you don’t want to remove wipers when disabling the ESG: https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/how-to-dashboard-windshield-noise-fix.1935/

You can lift the top panel up, squeeze your hand in and disconnect the ESG contact in the middle. Can easily be reconnected.

PS: Follow relevant steps in the guide if you don’t mind removing wipers (or if you have big hands).
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Tires mounted. Initial impressions: RS4 is a wider tire than the OE Pirrelli. Broader shoulder and wider tread blocks. Much more road noise. Tires still need to be broken in but definitely have more grip. Front end is more responsive to steering input. Braking is stronger. Will have more feedback once tires have heat cycled.

Ordered Hankook RS4 tires. Well priced. Not a cup tire but rated as an extreme summer tire 200 TWR Didnt even know the category existed lol I was going to buy SC2's but found the RS4 and giving them a try for the affordability.