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Winter Wheels & Tyres


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Poll time team!
Think im pressing the button on winter wheel & tyre combo tomorrow, but can't decide between Gunmetal Grey or Gloss Black.

I like Gunmetal and it picks up the shade of sideskirts quite well, Black looks more OE and better matches gloss black trim. Wheel is Calibre Suzuka, so:
a) Gunmetal, or
b) Gloss Black?


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Quick impression from 19” Vredestein Wintrac Pro winter tires in snow/slush/rain/freezing drizzle and temperatures down to -12C so far... Really, really good.

Have only lost traction when pushing it like a bit of an idiot for the conditions, otherwise very solid, confidence inspiring grip.


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Regarding the All Seasons, yes - they're not as good as summer tyres in summer conditions, or winter tyres in winter conditions.

However, if your climate is like most of the UK or Scotland - they're ideal. Wet most of the time, cold but not usually under -5, and in the summer it's barely over 25 for a long period of time.

I've been running Bridgestone A005 for about 3 months now, and have been perfect for the conditions. Winter tyres would have been overkill in general, but the added silica content in the A005 have been brilliant on the cold ground.

Play they're great in the dry, not much different at all to a decent set of summer tyres. Same with my Crossclimates.

They'd be shit on the track though


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Liked the look of the A005 but couldn't afford them this time... spent a bit more on the wheels than intended and the dreaded TPMS valves added another chunk! :(

When these wear out though...


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Been out and given them a gentle run in... all seems well!

Even the supplied TPMS registered within 2 miles of driving, pinged pressures down around 31-34 psi, and then cleared again within a few hundred yards after I pumped the tyres up.
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@Adam Nice rims! When I use BBS' configurator the only rims I can see are 19" and 20", no 18". Can you provide any more information, like part number? Or did you buy rims for 250PS and they fit to the 275PS version? Thanks
I'm struggling to find a particular part number sorry.
I ordered them off rimstyle.com the configurator on the website gave me an option of 19" or 18".

The wheels ive fitted are: 18" BBS SR - Satin Himalaya Grey 18 x 8.0" 5x114.3 ET50

Sorry I couldn't be much help. I'll keep digging.