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  1. N

    Tyres 245/40 wheels fitment

    Hey Guys, 240/40/18 on 18x8.5J ET 48 Does someone know if this will run into clearance issues, fender rubs eta. Currently stock ride height, but might get 15-25mm lowering springs in future.
  2. Zurcher

    Wheels Wheel selection woes.

    Been searching for what seems like hours for this info with no luck. I am wanting to run a 245/40r18 tire paired with an 18x8.5 wheel on my 2020 VN PP with stock suspension/alignment, and I'm not sure what offsets will allow this without rubbing. I would like to stay as close to et55 as...
  3. Britalian

    [SELLING] Mishimoto Red Wheel Nuts

    I have a full unused set of aluminium open ended Mishimoto wheel nuts finished in red to match the accents on the car. Four of the wheel nuts are locking nuts which require a seven sided socket (Included) The threads are M12x1.5 I am asking for £50 they retail for £70 This Will include the cost...
  4. oohhjo

    Wheels Recommendation for Suspension/Wheels/Tires

    Hey so I've been wanting to get a new look for my N. I'm currently running the stock wheels, suspension, and tires and I really want something new. I'm planning to keep the Michelins because they perform really well. I also want to keep the stock suspension and stay on 18s, unless y'all...
  5. M

    Wheels MAM GT 1

    What do you think of these wheels?
  6. Who! Me.

    Wheels Rims. Would you buy new rims, keep original rims

    I am going to replace my original rims with new rims in all black. I would like to ask this question how many of you think it is a good idea to keep the old rims if changing the oem rims to something different, so would you keep the original alloy rims to bring the car back to stock when resale...
  7. W

    [Closed] Selling - winter tyres

    I have a set of four almost new Vredestein Wintrac Pro winter tyres (size 235/40 R18) The tyres were bought new a few weeks ago and have covered less than 500 miles. Condition as new. No longer needed due to second car being 'fully winterised'. If you're interested in buying these please get...
  8. J

    Wheels Alloys on cars with pics thread

    Hi all, Hoping this isn't already a post but my tyres will be due a change soon so planning on changing wheels with them. Wondering would those of you that have different alloys post some pics of your cars and what brand/type they are and what tyres you are running. I am more curious about...
  9. Wretched

    OEM 19' N RIMS and 4 original PZeros HN barely used.

    Hi, i have set of oryginal rims from my i30n. Price for whole set is 3000 zł i have also a set of oem tires, 4 of them for 1800 zł or 4500 zł with rims. Whole set has a mileage less than 3000 km. I can send it if somebody want's to, or you can collect it in Torun in Poland. Prices are...
  10. Feri130

    Wheels Lightweight/Track Summer Wheels & Tires

    Hello everybody! I have been thinking about starting a thread about lightweight rims. When i purchased mine i asked for several types of Oz rims, I list them here for a start: OZ Alleggerita HLT Titanium Tech 7,5X18 5x114,3 ET48 7,75 kg...
  11. Garth

    Winter Wheels & Tyres

    I will have to get some winter tyres this week, I will probably put them in the stock 19" rims. Any suggestions for what would work well with the i30N? I was thinking about https://www.blackcircles.com/tyres/brands/hankook/icept-evo-2-w320, any reason why I should pick something different?
  12. D

    Wheels Damaging rims on curbs & potholes

    Did the dreaded and kerbed my alloy earlier, just wondered if anyone has found anywhere to buy the 19" alloy from? Thinking of having a spare full alloy as I cant bear to imagine what the car will look like on the spare it comes with. Any information appreciated.
  13. asd

    Tyre Lettering

    Hey guys, I am not a real fan of visual tuning, and even if so, my approach is rather to take things off than put them on, but I was wandering, did any of you consider painting some of the tyre lettering white/other colour? After seeing some footage or the i30N TCR, I was wondering how the i30N...