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  1. T

    I30n gearstick can be easily pushed out of gear without using clutch?

    So while driving this morning I accidentally pushed the gearstick out of 3rd gear into neutral while driving without using the clutch and noticed it easily pushes out of any gear into neutral while driving with hardly any effort at all. I can’t imagine this being normal or am I wrong? Any help...
  2. J

    2021 Facelift NON-performance sound?

    I was wondering if anyone has the facelift non-performance model here? How does it sound like?
  3. J

    Driver-side mirror not folding

    Hey! A few days ago I noticed my driver-side mirror would fold in a fraction of a second slower than passenger side - not sure if this is even related or a coincidence. However, yesterday, it decided to just stop folding in. I repeatedly locked and unlocked the car. Got in, fired it up for a...
  4. OnlyTrust92

    Hello there!

    Hey Guys, hello from Germany, I got my i30 N end of September and hope to can discuss with you about our favorite things and hopefully not about a lot of problems. Feel free to start conversations, happy Friday everyone. Some Specs: Performance Version Sunset Red 2500 KM DCT
  5. M

    [SELLING] Genuine Hyundai N performance logo LED door projectors

    Genuine Hyundai N performance logo LED door projectors £75 These are the official Hyundai N logo LED door projectors in an aluminium housing as offered by Hyundai Germany. They come with all the required cabling to fit. I sourced these from Hyundai in Germany as the German market has far more...
  6. RsKnZ

    Erfahrungen mit der FMS 90mm Downpipe mit 200 Zellen für i30N mit OPF?

    Moin Leute, hat jemand Erfahrungen mit der 90mm Downpipe mit 200Zellen HJS Sport-Kat. von FMS für den i30N mit OPF? Gerne alles raushauen was ihr wisst. Lohnt es sich? Thermische Probleme? Wie war der Einbau? etc.
  7. A

    PID for brake position OBD2

    Hi there - I'm preparing for my first track day with I30N. Does anyone know parameters (PID + Source data as set in Race chrono app) for brake pedal position? Cheers
  8. I

    [SOLD] i30N Red Hatchback For Sale - Reg 2019, Low Mileage

    £25995 (Private Sale), Located in South West England (Wiltshire) Reg June 2019 and currently on private plate (not included) 11500 Miles with Full Service History (Year 1 & 2), 2nd year service completed in June 2021 HPI Clear Red with Custom Black Roof & Fin Winter Pack (Heated Steering...
  9. F

    Hi from southern Germany

    Hi There, got my Fastback Facelift yesterday. I'm Luke, turning 23 in August and i'm already an Nthusiast. Nice to meet y'all :)
  10. B

    Felgen für i30 n Facelift

    Hallo zusammen, ich hoffe ich habe den Thread im richtigen Bereich angelegt, ich bin neu hier 🙂. Ich habe einen i30 Fastback N (2021 Facelift) bestellt. Mein neues Auto soll ich Mitte September bekommen. Da ab Oktober Winterreifen drauf sollen, wollte ich mich schonmal frühzeitig damit...
  11. O

    i30 N FL i30N Performance - 18 Inch Winter Wheels

    Not too sure if there is enough information but the new FL i30N has bigger breaks " Hyundai has ‘invested’ some of that weight saving in bigger brakes: the front discs swell from 345mm to 360mm " Does this mean 18 inch wheels won't fit anymore on the new i30N?
  12. RsKnZ

    Heckspoiler/Heckflügel für den i30N Fastback

    Servus Leute, weiß jmd zufällig wo man einen Heckspoiler/Heckflügel für den i30N Fastback herbekommt (so einen wie auf dem Bild). Ich hab das halbe Internet abgesucht aber keinen in der Art für den Fastback gefunden. Kennt sich da einer bisschen aus und kann mir da nen Tipp geben?
  13. Byrnesy919

    Any Irish i30N owners?

    Looking at getting a hot hatch this year and Id love to get the FL i30N in manual. They seem quite rare here as there are none for sale and maybe 1 or 2 in northern Ireland. Vrt will probably be between 12-15k to take in from north so probably not worth it. The finance isnt as good @ 3.9% as...
  14. C

    humming noise when in neutral

    I've just recently bought a i30n really happy with it, just one little thing bugging me, when the car is in neutral with the clutch engaged there is a quiet humming noise. When the clutch is disengaged you can hear it fading away and it comes right back when it is engaged again. is this normal...
  15. Slain

    i30n Facelift oder gebraucht kaufen?

    Hallo zusammen, ich plane mir demnächst endlich den Traum vom i30n zu erfüllen. Ich stehe aber aktuell vor der großen Frage ob ich mir das neue Facelift oder ein Gebrauchtwagen kaufen soll. Der Hauptunterschied wird natürlich das DTC sein. Dieses spricht mich auch sehr an, ich bin zwar noch nie...
  16. Hatedia

    New (soon) owner of i30N Project C.

    Hi, everyone. I would like to introduce myself to the community. I am currently waiting for my i30N Project C and I assume that I will be coming plenty more to the forums. I hope to find some good tips and community in here. Even though the car is not here yet, I am already planning some mods...
  17. Raul_I30Nblue

    I30N vs M140i

    Hello everybody, I am comparing all the hothatches of the moment to purchase and so far the one that I love the most is the I30N (chassis, sound and racing details that make it unique, in a world of new dull cars). But I also thinking the M140i, I know it is totally a different approach (RWD...
  18. Rem_i30N

    Interior Air Conditioning

    Hello everyone, Just want to share my feelings about the air conditionning from my i30N and see if others have the same on their car. First when I start the air cond. their is a small noise which is almost inaudible but I can still hear it if my car is stopped at a traffic light for example...
  19. Legit

    Fastback Battery problems?

    To keep this short and simple, my car didn't start after being left unused for like two and a half weeks. Things got so bad that I had to call hyundai assistance in order to start the car. They sent roadside assistence (ADAC in Germany) to jumpstart the battery. Before jumpstaring it the guy...
  20. O

    i30 N How was your i30N during these winters?

    First of many winters with the i30N. Where did you go and did you get it stuck as I did? I'm not sure if it was the Hankook Winter tyres or my incompentancy of driving in the snow (first time being stuck like this) but the car doesn't seem to like the snowy uphill road. Here is my friend's...