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  1. J

    BUYING - looking for i30n front shock absorbers

    Anyone know of someone breaking an i30n or selling the driver and passenger front shock absorbers? Need as soon as. Any help would be great.
  2. T

    i30 N Crisp.i30's Hatchback N ... Few Cheeky Mods...

    2020 i30N Performance Hatch – Micron Grey >>> INSTAGRAM <<< Purchased the car 5th June 2020 – 3500km on the Clock – Absolutely love it :D Modification List: Installed Mods: LED Rear Indicators LED Reverse Lights LED Boot / Trunk Light LED Map / Reading Light...
  3. K

    i30N einfahren

    Hallo, übermorgen hole ich meinen i30N Fastback ab und möchte Fragen wie Ihr euren N eingefahren habt. Ist es schlimm direkt 200km auf der Autobahn zu fahren solange ich nicht über 3000rpm gehe?
  4. JJSSi30N

    Engine AEM Intake System advice?

    Gday guys!! I’ve done some digging and this seems to be the intake I’ll purchase for my I30N, there has been lots of videos/sites only referencing this intake to the Veloster N Except this site 🤔🤔...
  5. I

    I30N Klappern beim Starten im warmen Zustand

    Hallo Community, ich hab ein kleines/großes Problem. Ich habe vor 5 Monaten meinen I30N neu gekauft. Seit dem Neukauf hör ich ein Klappern im Motorbereich. Das tritt jedoch nur auf, wenn der Motor warm abgestellt wird und nach 10-30 Minuten wieder gestartet wird. Meine Vermutung ist der...
  6. benickj

    Julian's I30N Project C 280/600

    Hi together, last week i finally get my Project C. Tomorrow i will get it back from wrapping (full paint protection). I will provide some pictures to you as soon as possible! If some of you have questions, just ask for it, i will try to answer everyone. Located near Augsburg / Bavaria /...
  7. M

    Milltek VS Remus

    Welcome to everybody, I have been thinking about it for two months with the intention of buying an exhaust for my i30n (model with gpf) , but I don't decide ... I am between remus and milltek. Remus from what I have heard say that it is one that is very noticeable the difference only with the...
  8. BDKEY

    i30 N brad_i30n's | Hyundai i30N Hatchback build/modifications/plans

    Hi all. I've been on the forum for over a year (before i even collected my i30n) and just wanted to do my own post after reading endlessly through the other user posts. I collected my car early last year, nearly swapped for an a45 a couple months ago but i come to my senses and chose to keep...
  9. loafer-N77

    How-To: Remove wing mirror covers

    ***Warning: this is a bit of a pig of a job and no responsibility for any damage from this How-To if you break anything......blah, blah, blah etc.*** For the purpose of producing this guide I already had a damaged drivers side assembly to work with. I fully recommend you remove the whole...
  10. M

    Suspension and Chassis ST-suspension lowering Springs?

    Hey there, I'm currently thinking about getting myself some lowering springs for my i30n, not quite sure though which ones to get. Right now leaning towards the ST 20mm ones, cause it's supposed to be the right compromise between comfort, looks and performance. Does anyone have any experience...
  11. R

    Feeling sluggish

    Hey guys! I’ve now currently had my i30n for around a month & have noticed today it’s feeling rather sluggish it’s not been driven for a few days or so could that be the result of this, if not any thoughts &/or things I could try. Many thanks Rhys
  12. P

    Gewinde Durchmesser Abschlepphaken

    Hey ihr hab mit vor ein paar Wochen einen I30 N Performance gekauft. Bis er da ist wollte ich mir die Zeit mit kleinen Upgrades Shoppen versüßen.. Unter anderem will ich einen Abschlepphaken kaufen: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07RX526MB/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_pALAEbKXQDCSN Hab schon ewig nach...
  13. oodLes

    Solution for big phones in the centre bin.

    Hey all, I have a massive phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9) and if you want to use a cable to access Android Auto it's near impossible without it sticking out the front of the bin and looking untidy. This to me is pretty crap, so I worked at it and came up with a solution: This is 2 x 1cm thick...
  14. N

    UK Weekend Drive, Yorkshire and The Surrounding Area

    Hi all, Has anyone got a good route for a weekend drive around the Peak District area? Although i think it may be raining this weekend, would always be good to have a route up my sleeve for a nice day. I know of the Snake Pass, Woodhead and Winnats Pass. But anything else would be appreciated!
  15. Devis

    Allg. Fragen / Finanzierung / laufende Kosten i30N

    Grüßt euch, (erster Post hier im Forum) wie im Titel schon steht habe ich ein paar Fragen / suche ein paar Ratschläge bzgl. der Finanzierung/Ratenhöhe und der laufenden Kosten. Habt ihr euren i30N finanziert? Wenn nein, wieso? Wenn ja, wo und mit welcher Laufzeit? Vorallem bei der Laufzeit bin...
  16. WoLf130

    i30 N WoLf's Gengar

    Hey everyone Since i'm here i've read/saw much stuff and now i thought it's time to make an thread about my N/Project. I got my car on 11th of July 2019. and "Gengar" was my personally birthday gift. I will try to keep the status of my car as new as possible. Car's Detail Description Name...
  17. TheRedSideOfLife

    TheRedSideOfLife turns to Clean Slate

    Since I am registered for a while now, just reading a lots of stuff here, i would like to introduce myself now. My Name is Michael, 36 years young/old living in Germany. My nickname "TheRedSideOfLife" comes from my previous cars. As you probalby guessed they were red :D Here my previous car...
  18. r_anderson96

    Parts that void/nullify Warranty

    Hi all, so I've been having thoughts of doing the odd thing or tow the the N but also shoot those thoughts down thinking I'll be voiding my warranty.... I know if I troll through the forum I'll nitpick some info from various comments about what will void what, but I could not see any posts...
  19. N-Mode

    VN aftermarket parts compatible with i30n

    G'day all, Looking at purchasing multiple aftermarket items from different suppliers in the states (mainly SXTH Element). Would like to know if the Veloster N is the same build as the i30n in regards to the engine, intercooler, intake, exhaust etc. TYIA
  20. Finbarr

    Theft of i30n’s

    Hi, new member to the forum here, I’m considering buying an i30n performance fastback, I’m just wondering is this model such hot property as an Audi S* or BMW M* or VW Golf R when it comes to people wanting to break into your house to steal the keys, or does the Hyundai tend to fly under the...