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  1. YaxleyR

    Chrome i30n

    I saw this on the Modball rally earlier this year and just noticed Pebley Beach Hyundai now have it for sale on their website, you'll certainly get some looks in this thing! A bit pricier than your standard N with 24k miles on but understandable with the cost of some of the mods...
  2. s.arhangelov

    MY20 Engine Red i30N Performance from Bulgaria

    I've been on the forum for two months now. Finally got around to making one of these. At first I didn't see the point in making a dedicated thread for my car since I'm not planning any major changes to it. Only a few cosmetic touches here and there. Despite that I thought it would still be nice...
  3. O

    Finanzierung? Barkauf? - Carwow angebot / mobile.de suche

    Hallo leute, Ich suche jetzt die i30n performance von meinem 2013 Polo GTI (c.a 99,000km) kaufen innerhalb eines Jahres. Da bekomme ich meine finanzierung und arbeite bis dahin in ordnung :) (immer noch ein dualer Student B.A) Meine Wunschliste: Hatchback / Performance Performance blue Voll...
  4. Donnie

    Playing with colours!

    Would like to see similar colour play! Front Back and Inside.
  5. J

    i30 N Leasing

    Hi guys, Really interesting in leasing an i30N. Just wondered what the forum thinks is my best option. The best quote I've had on an i30N Performance (maintenance included) is £2,300 deposit, £370 per month, 8,000 miles, 36 months. A fair few saying on an i30N Facebook that this is easily...

    Antes de comprarte el i30N Performance entra aqui para saberlo todo

    Buenas, este hilo es para esas personas que se quieran comprar o que ya tengan comprado el i30N Performance y quieran saber absolutamente todo lo que tiene el Hyundai. EQUIPAMIENTO, MANUAL, CATÁLOGO, ESPECIFICACIONES TECNICAS (MOTOR, DIMENSIONES, FRENOS, RUEDAS ETC ETC...), TESTIGOS DE...

    Problema con Hyundai i30 N (I´m from Spain)

    Hola, soy nuevo aquí, tengo el i30N desde febrero de 2019, llevo 7900 km con él, y hace 3 semanas cuando tengo unos 7200 km me quirúrgico un problema de la nada en el i30N, al parecer me llegó un aviso de asistencia en el carril (dejo foto) y el volante se quedó súper duro, sin dirección...
  8. S

    Project C

    Hallo Jungs, wer von euch kommt den aus Deutschland und ist auch ab Dezember stolzer Besitzer eines Project C ?
  9. Rishab.arora

    Price Increase!!

    Hi all, I just had an email from one of the carwow dealers saying ''There will be a standard price increase across the range from October 1st by Hyundai. However, any order placed before September 30th is protected!'' I thought I would let you guy know if anyone is looking to order one soon...
  10. I30n ba3

    [Closed] Selling i30N

    Hi all, Sadly selling my I30n because I’ve decided to move out. Selling it on eBay - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F383086005311 If you are interested please get in touch!
  11. P

    Hyundai N Magazine - Looking for subjects!

    Hi guys! Petrolicious is an automotive production company based in LA; we are working directly with Hyundai to create a magazine about the I30N / i30N Fastback owners. Our articles will focus on a single subject & their car and their profession. Our aim is to promote N ownership, through its...

    i30N Bodykits, Styling, Decals - List

    List of Bodykits, Styling, Decals To make suggestions or discuss - use the separated thread here: [https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-bodykits-styling-decals-thread.3728/] Full Body Kits Hyundai Aero-pack (website) Zymexx Drive-Emotion body kit (website) Rieger body kit...
  13. R31SSG

    R31SSG - Clean Slate / i30N Performance

    Hi guys new to this, been reading on here for a while but never posted. I’m 21 and from the UK I picked up my i30N in Clean Slate - February 28th I’ve done a few small things such as my private reg, wind deflectors, black badges and stickers to share my car page. I’ve also ordered...
  14. RPM8300

    Tuning Veloster N - Turbo upgrade Day 5 - manifold & clutch & wastegate valve

    xclutch made in Austrialia stage 1 organic disk spring type 600N.m included new lightweight flywheel this is not dual mass type this clutch kit is very lightweight ( 12.3kg ) than Genesis coupe oem clutch kit ( 23.4kg ) = almost 11.1kg Hyundai Genesis coupe 2.0 F/L oem clutch is...
  15. RPM8300

    Tuning Veloster N World first turbo upgrade plan day1 ( from south korea )

    Today is the first day of the first turbo upgrade After lowering the engine first, it took about 10 minutes to replace the piston and conrod We have done a lot of engine work in Korea, so if you work with a professional mechanic, most of the work is completed in about 2 days except ecu remap...
  16. C

    New AWD coming...

    Soo... I guess there's an all wheel drive, version incoming. Guido Schenken was recently interviewed by carsguide australia. There's no info about when it's coming or how much it will cost. Here's the news article. News Article.
  17. Clubnaus

    EOI - Club N Australia - First track day!!!!!! - Luddenham Raceyway - Dates TBC

    Hi All, Just posting this to see if any other Sydney i30n owners want to join us for our very first Club N Australia Track day at Luddenham Raceway! Dates TBC however it will be a Sunday event! Details below: To be eligible to attend please join the FB Club page and answer the questions to...
  18. DKi30n

    Reifendruckkontrollsystem (RDKS)

    Moin Leute :cool: Will jetzt am Wochenende endlich meine Sommerreifen auf meinem I30n hauen.Lernen sich die Reifen von alleine an oder muss ich in die Werkstatt ?
  19. BDKEY

    i30 N Drive through Horseshoe Pass UK

    Here's a quick clip of me driving through horseshoe pass on Sunday. Amazing road if you haven't been, some pictures on my instagram @brad_i30n
  20. RPM8300

    Tuning Hyundai VelosterN Superdrift intake cold box install

    this intake cold airbox from south korea " superdrift " item The material is plastic and is the same as the material of the front bumper and is about 3mm thick It is effective because it does not get hot due to low thermal conductivity compared to general steel material You can choose between...