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  1. N Sport

    N Hatch vs Fastback Test Drives

    After a memorable drive in both N’s today, I wondered if anyone had actually test driven both cars before making their decision to buy? Or do they generally not compete with each other?
  2. Rival Son

    Pick up checklist & dealer computer settings

    I've seen a few people mention a check list for what to look for on pick up to ensure everything is satisfactory and avoid missing things in the excitement. Had a search round the forum but can't see anything? I'm specifically going to the dealer the day before (since short on time the morning...
  3. YaxleyR

    N Performance alcantara phone case

    So there I was, scrolling through my instagram stories when yet again another ad came up, but this time something actually of interest; alcantara phone cases. I clicked through the the website and to my surprise they had customization options to add the Hyundai N Performance logo on to the phone...
  4. RPM8300

    Engine Veloster N - ( I30N ECU ) JB4 dyno test result 299whp 481N.m

    HYUNDAI VELOSTER N 2019 JB4 CUSTOM MAP6 DYNOCOM TEST RESULT original (oem airfilter ) 236whp 353N.m BMC OTA airfilter + air hole airduct install 247whp 380N.M ( increase 11whp 27N.m) test by 2time each map map 0 : 261whp 420N.m ( BMC OTA increase ) map 1 : 275whp 470N.m...
  5. Jack_Red

    Cleaning & Detailing

    So I cleaned my car at the weekend and noticed the tailpipes have an orange sort of looking residue. Any advice on what products I should use to clean this off?
  6. RPM8300

    Engine JB4 install Veloster N world first ?

    today i install JB4 for my veloster N basic map1 setting pump gas fuel it is feelling very good and more performance & response... Korea, where I live, is very cold now. The jb4 was mounted and the driving test was carried out, but the road surface is cold and the wheel spin up to the third...
  7. RPM8300

    Hello friends, I'm from South Korea.

    hello friends~~ Hello I am a member of Korea who shipped my car in October. I am tuning the end of the veloster n model in Korea. I am planning to upgrade the Veloster n Turbo later. investing 4 hours a day in the knowledge of Velostar n and are working on parts. Currently, preparing for...
  8. M

    High level triangle brake light

    Anyone know what bulb is fitted ‍♂️
  9. padigree

    Tuning i30N Tuning Parts List - Thread / Discussion

    Thread for suggestions and discussing the i30N Tuning Parts List [https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-tuning-parts-list.2285/ ]
  10. Maverick

    Tuning i30N Tuning Parts List

    Bodykits / Decals / Styling This part has been separated. New thread for Body Tuning&Styling List is available here: -> https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-bodykits-decals-etc-list.3672/#post-57390 New thread for Body Tuning&Styling suggestions / discussion is available here...
  11. Peetee

    Údržba laku

    Akým spôsobom riešite podobné záležitosti viď foto, prípadne ako sa staráte o lak vášho auta, ak na ňom zbadáte menšie poškodenia? Konkrétna bodka na fotke je dosť hlboko a bojím sa aby po čase nezačala korodovať. Vďaka za rady. Peter
  12. Peetee

    Launch Control obmedzenia

    Pozoruje niekto obmedzenia pri launch control-e okrem tych spomenutych v manualy auta, ci spravnych nastaveni pred jeho zahajenim? Mam na mysli napr. najazdene kilomtere, kedze mam len 1500km najazdenych a nie, ze by som to chcel hned nedockavo hrotit (ani som neplanoval), len som sa ho snazil...
  13. Maverick

    Maverick's Phantom Black i30N

    Coming soon...
  14. Maverick

    The i30N Bible

    Technical Specifications: Brand: Hyundai Model: i30 Generation: i30 III Modification (Engine): N 2.0 T-GDI (275 PS) (Performance variant) Doors: 5 Seats: 5 Coupe type: Hatchback/Fastback Power: 275 PS/6000 rpm. Maximum speed: 250 km/h Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 6.1 sec Year of production: Q4...
  15. K

    Kosten Ölwechsel und Inspektionen

    Moin, ich wollte nur mal nachfragen was ihr so für eure Ölwechsel und Inspektionen bezahlt (inklusive Arbeitsleistung), die Intervalle für den Ölwechsel sind ja doch ziemlich kurz, dafür die für die Inspektionen relativ lang. Grüße aus Thüringen
  16. eddie_gt4

    Megane RS vs i30N

    Long-awaited duel on PistonHeads https://www.pistonheads.com/features/ph-features/renault-sport-megane-280-vs-hyundai-i30-n/38299
  17. Maverick

    How To: Speakers & Head Unit

    !!! First and most important step. Disconnect the battery! Set parking brake and disconnect negative battery cable to prevent any electrical short !!! 1. Head unit removal: Tools required: panel (pry) tools, phillips screwdriver
  18. C

    Engine Car loses all power

    Hi guys, Totally new to the forum, in fact I only picked the car up on Thursday. Had a pretty unnerving fault whilst out for a drive today. I was traveling to Livingston (maybe 20 mile away) and had just got off the motorway, stopped at a set of lights and the engine turned off as it should...
  19. Angie_i30n

    Hello From New South Wales - Wollongong

    Hey everyone, I have just ordered the Hyundai 130N in Clean Slate! I have added a few accessories: - N floor mats - Dash matt - Interior lighting - Chrome boot strip - Film Protection Just awaiting my ETA and I honestly can't wait!
  20. Maverick

    Sound Upgrade

    This sound upgrade package just came out on Hyundai DE Accessories website for i30N. :eek: (link) It consists of a set of 4 speakers, ring adapters and an amplifier: Pioneer TS-G1730F (link) Pioneer TS-A173Ci (link) Pioneer GM-D1004 (link) According to Hyundai, requires 2 hours to be...