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  1. Zurcher

    Wheels Wheel selection woes.

    Been searching for what seems like hours for this info with no luck. I am wanting to run a 245/40r18 tire paired with an 18x8.5 wheel on my 2020 VN PP with stock suspension/alignment, and I'm not sure what offsets will allow this without rubbing. I would like to stay as close to et55 as...
  2. oohhjo

    Wheels Recommendation for Suspension/Wheels/Tires

    Hey so I've been wanting to get a new look for my N. I'm currently running the stock wheels, suspension, and tires and I really want something new. I'm planning to keep the Michelins because they perform really well. I also want to keep the stock suspension and stay on 18s, unless y'all...
  3. RedDriver

    I will buy P ZERO HN Tires in 90%+ condition

    Offers into PM please. Solid sellers and barely used tires only (under 4000km + no race track)
  4. Wretched

    OEM 19' N RIMS and 4 original PZeros HN barely used.

    Hi, i have set of oryginal rims from my i30n. Price for whole set is 3000 zł i have also a set of oem tires, 4 of them for 1800 zł or 4500 zł with rims. Whole set has a mileage less than 3000 km. I can send it if somebody want's to, or you can collect it in Torun in Poland. Prices are...
  5. Garth

    Winter Wheels & Tyres

    I will have to get some winter tyres this week, I will probably put them in the stock 19" rims. Any suggestions for what would work well with the i30N? I was thinking about https://www.blackcircles.com/tyres/brands/hankook/icept-evo-2-w320, any reason why I should pick something different?