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wearelikewise shift knobs for i30N?


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Asked my dealer about that already, they currently don't even have the part number, and also told me that Hyundai will probably ask for a VIN before giving anyone a spare/replacement.


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Okay, so everything arrived today and it's installed now! Booyah!


So the 12mm Euro Adapter fits the N, however due to how far you have to screw the shifter on and how high the N's reverse lockout moves up you can't mount the shifter and have a reverse gear. Solution:

Now what you'll have to do is put the car in reverse and make sure there's still a bit of space left between the bottom of the 12mm Euro Adapter and thr top of the "shortened" (read: sawed off) reverse lockout.

Then tighten everything down and make sure it fits your shifting position comfortably and you should have something that looks a little like this:

1st and 6th gear:
IMG_20191005_134224_compress96.jpg IMG_20191005_134230_compress76.jpg

R Veloster N

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There's no missing it I can guarantee that.:) That's the beauty of what he's installed. It can be lowered or raised up to suit. How does it feel with the Shift Kit @NULLOBANDITO?

Just a suggestion, use a polishing wheel and finish off the cut area, then either paint black or polish the entire reverse lockout unit and clearcoat.
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