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I’ve been eyeing these up for quite some time. But I was going to let someone else be the guinea pig because I wasn’t too sure of the print quality
Shouldn't this be the same like that?
Are these a VN though? I've seen some replacement badges with tabs on the sides and tops that wouldn't make sense if it was identical to the grille you've shown. Maybe those badges are mismanufactured, or for the wrong unit, or its different in some unknown way.

Also how would you remove those metal tabs? Just rip and break?

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All Hyundai emblems are attached the nearly same way.

The VN front emblem has tabs around the circumference. The tabs around the emblem, just snap into the to slots provided.

They're nut or rivet plates. Simply grab hold with a pair of channel locks or vise grips and twist gently anti-clockwise. They snap over the studs.

The back units have two studs that fit into the holes.
s-l1600.jpg s-l1600 (1).jpg
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For those interested, the full Boomba Engine Bay Accessory Package;
Note the placement of the Boomba Catch Can. This is by far the best placement I've seen to date. Shorter oil line runs and solidly mounted utilizing the motor mount. A really excellent set up well thought out.

Take a look at the PDF Install Guides and you'll see how both cans are positioned.

http://www.boombaracing.com/veloster-n-dress-up-kit/ w/o Catch Can Kit. $210.00
http://www.boombaracing.com/19-veloster-n-compact-catch-can-kit-stage-1-ccv/ (Stage 1 CCV) $212.00
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It looks like they have two catch cans by the looks of that picture. Im guessing you’re talking about the one thats by the left motor mount?

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Good eyes;

Yes, the CCV/ Stage 1 is on the right side (drivers). PCV /CC Stage 2 is on the left side (passenger). They have to add one more component to the PCV/CC and it will be re-advertised in a couple of day, just got off the phone with them.

Take a look at the PDF Install Guides and you'll see how both cans are positioned;

http://www.boombaracing.com/content/Veloster N CC S2.pdf
http://www.boombaracing.com/content/Veloster N CC S1.pdf

They did a really outstanding install with both cans. Thumbs up!!!:D
Interesting. Does Boomba have anymore plans in store for the VN? Do you think we will see parts like brake cooling deflectors(which they made for the Focus ST) being made in the future? Imo, Boomba has been doing an excellent job with making parts for the VN that are beneficial.