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veloster n

  1. Webers20VNinSanDiego

    Andrew’s build thread 2020 Veloster N

    Hey guys! My name is Andrew and I live in San Diego, California. I bought this beautiful 2020 Veloster N PP in beautiful performance blue 6 months ago. I was actually lucky to find this car. Everywhere I checked wanted between $3,000 to $5,000 over sticker! I found this one the day it was...
  2. flatout

    Flatout: Daily + Track

    Hi guys, I just bought a 2021 VN Manual in Chalk White last week. This is my daily driver and I plan on going to HPDE track events I haven't been to the track in 5 years and due to COVID being bored at home made me want to go back. I use to have a 2014 VT Automatic modded for the track and...
  3. W

    Encountered prototype KONA N on track(Inje, Korea)

    Hey, hello from Korea, another home of N development else than the ring. While visiting at Inje track for some fun lappings, we had a chance to drive with KONA N prototype cars and competitors(T-Roc R). Here is a short video what have happened at inje, race track Hyundai is using as one of...
  4. C

    Armrest Organizer/Tray

    So I've searched high and low but have been unsuccessful. I'm looking for an armrest organizer for the VN but can't find any, not even for the regular Veloster. I've had this for all my previous cars so it's sorely missed. I read that the Kona one fit the i30N, so I gave that a shot, but it was...
  5. R Veloster N


    https://thekoreancarblog.com/2020/02/28/hyundai-to-release-veloster-n-8-dct-in-april/ 8 Speed. The dual clutch transmission that is applied to the Veloster N 8-speed DCT is a wet 8-speed DCT, which is different from the dry 7-speed DCT of Hyundai Motor, capable of responding to high-power...
  6. Shifting Lanes

    2020 VN PP CW from NJ

    New here in this forum. Excited to contribute! made my first video of the Veloster N here:
  7. YaxleyR

    N Performance alcantara phone case

    So there I was, scrolling through my instagram stories when yet again another ad came up, but this time something actually of interest; alcantara phone cases. I clicked through the the website and to my surprise they had customization options to add the Hyundai N Performance logo on to the phone...
  8. R Veloster N

    This is: HOBB!

    I'll be adding a DTUK Tuner and Pedal Box w/Apps shortly. Have it in hand. Pipercross Performance Filter, various interior upgrades and I'll post everything as well. Enjoying the break-in right now. Not in a hurry to get there either. Spoke to K & N/ R & D and they are showing interest in a...
  9. RPM8300

    Hello friends, I'm from South Korea.

    hello friends~~ Hello I am a member of Korea who shipped my car in October. I am tuning the end of the veloster n model in Korea. I am planning to upgrade the Veloster n Turbo later. investing 4 hours a day in the knowledge of Velostar n and are working on parts. Currently, preparing for...
  10. Cygnus X-1

    Engineering Explained VN PP Review in DE

    Here’s a preview on IG: ...and the review: