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R Veloster N

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I'll be adding a DTUK Tuner and Pedal Box w/Apps shortly. Have it in hand. Pipercross Performance Filter, various interior upgrades and I'll post everything as well. Enjoying the break-in right now. Not in a hurry to get there either. Spoke to K & N/ R & D and they are showing interest in a CAI. We'll see what happens. Keep an eye out here or in, "What did you do to your N today" thread.
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R Veloster N

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DUB Dash mat arrived. Mine is black with red thread. I will post photos once it's the waves are iron out. Man I like this guys stuff. Had it on three of my autos. Talked to them about the lower leather door kick protectors also.

Buy it here!!

Read the ad first, then PM them thru the eBay email system with the color combos.

Pretty fast shipment also.