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R Veloster N

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Would love to see pictures on the installation! :cool:Definitely one of the next parts that I'm considering buying.
No problem, I compiling installs as I go.;)

It's a rather easy but time consuming process to move back the Intake manifold and install the spacer. Nothing restricts you except the tubing and fasteners. It's also a great time to install a catch can, as you'll have easy access to the PCV system. The spacer comes with all the hardware and o-ring seals already in place, to mate and seal with the head and intake manifold.:)
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Better boost control, allow for higher boost pressures, boost recover, crisper release, much less flutter, it's a short stroke solenoid, balanced poppet with powerful return spring. It retains the factory operation.

I'm doing some experimentation between the GFB BOV and retaining the OEM function. It will supplement both. I have the option with the intakes I'm utilizing. If I don't like what I experience in one or the other, something will be sold. I just want to see which combinations, work the best.

It cost, to experiment, as well.:) However, the cost is negligible compared to the benefits that can be gained and the problems solved.
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I was wanting one of these too. I am certainly not surprised you bought this too Red. lol... Your car is going to have every single stinkin' mod made! Ha, ha... LMK how this makes the car feel after install because I'm going to use your review on whether or not I buy one. :)