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Engine VN Oil change Discussion


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What about Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5w30? I think this is the same stuff as the Penzoil?

Believe it or not the mechanic at my dealer freaked out at the suggestion of the stuff because on the shell website it lists the 0w30 version...even though we’re heading into summer and night temps won’t even drop below 15C. I didn’t argue and let him put his oil in there...
5W30 will be fine, I'd say preferable, in an Australian summer. My dealer uses it all year up here.
Yeah. Very odd.

He warned me of an internal memo at “Holden” which warned of damaged pistons using 5w30...sure thing. Very odd.
Don’t feel too bad one of the mechanics at work told me I’d clog the oil passages and blow my engine using 5w30... he’s been with us for about 3 years now and was a master technician at Monroe for 10+ years prior
Not sure what to make of that post Chris? :)
Are you saying 5w30 C3 Dex2 is okay in Aussie summer especially.
Sorry for the vagueness I’m using penzoil ultra platnium 5w30. Not sure on the specifics but it’s been recommend by the N community and I had good luck with it in my VT1. However as mentioned the mechanics comments were based on the fact that I was running 5w30 instead of the factory 0w30. And that the increased thickness alone would clog my oil passages and blow my engine...
It'd have to be very cold for 5w to be an issue, not sure how trained technicians are still so far behind on oil considering how long 0w has been a thing. For an Australian summer I might even look at 10w30 or 5w40.
Average temps in my area during winter are 20-30° sometimes it’ll get in the teens but rarely. Haven’t had an issue yet and I warm my car up for a few mins before I drive off so I’m not too worried about the oil being too thick