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What did you do to your N today ?

R Veloster N

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They'll be sag, after the springs run in. Not much but there will be additional sag. You'll need to have the alignment, toe-in and camber rechecked after 200-300 miles.
Some of the first things I'd done to my N was replacing the front speakers with Hertz EV165.L which already was a big improvement. But after 4 months now (and 14.000km) I thought that it needs just a bit more punch. So, yesterday I installed a Pioneer GM-D1004 plug-and-play amplifier which is also part of the "official" sound upgrade. I really have to say that class D amps shrunk a lot in size (or maybe I am just old)

I used a Parrot T-Adapter (same as the PP-AC 98, but at half the price) which was a bit of a hassle to fit in. Hint: push the cables and ISO-Plugs to the left towards the cockpit, there's really no space to the right to leave room for the head unit).

The amplifier went to the right above the glove box and was fixed with strong zip ties.

The cable from the amplifier passes under the air nozzles to the adapter plugs on the left. That's a really tight and packed fit but you don't have to cut or splice any cable. But I cut the remote cable on the amp side because I read somewhere about a loud plop effect if you leave it as it is. The amp doesn't need it because it has an input auto sense.

If you have smaller hands than me (mine are a bit scratched now) you can have the whole thing completed in less than an hour and it is really worth it. Much better sound for just under 120 EUR.

Mavericks Guide ( https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/how-to-speakers-head-unit.1122/ ) was really helpful for this.


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Ordered my set of Well vent visors thanks to R Veloster N ;) for the recommendation. Also planned on ordering a bunch of forge goodies but still waiting for the guys from POTN to get back to me so I can use the forum discount.