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Kona N Announced!

R Veloster N

Well-Known Member
Waiting actually! We'll get notified when the first hits the dealer. We had a 2018 Kona Ultimate and traded it for the N and an 2019 Accent Limited for the wife.

Great little SUV!!! Look forward to its arrival in the near future.

R Veloster N

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That would be a falsehood.

The Kona in all three trim levels is not problematic by a long shot. It has only only TSB since its inception. It's rate as the Top IIHS pick for 2018/9. We owned an Ultimate Trim level and it was great.


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That would be a falsehood.
Never lie to your wife, that is a sin.

In 2003 I told my wife that RX-8s only came in manual, and if she wanted one, it HAD to be a manual.

We had that yellow beauty for 5 years, I drove it at least twice a week, and she loved it. Her next car was an auto Lexus, boring pos, I drove it once in 4 years.

If a little white lie gets you something else cool to drive, do it!

R Veloster N

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Well considering the Kona N, will now have the new wet DCT, it will be worth having. They'll be able to utilize the 275 hp 2.0T Theta engine in it. Possibilities in a little SUV!!;):)

R Veloster N

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Good Luck with that!:p

I truly wish they'd sell the Kona Electric in our state. For some stupid reason, Hyundai has consigned its sales to mostly costal states in the US.:mad: 258+ miles on a charge, isn't bad at all. It is also rated at 201 hp. I'd just smile and wave at the gas stations, as I passed by.


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I like the sounds of the VN too much to consider an ev at the moment but would be ok with slapping a couple tiny electric motors on the rear wheels for fun.
Albert in this week interview was pushed on what is the n car in the usa. While he wouldn't confirm it, he said it will be the same size as veloster n but higher height. It is in "advanced development stage". Kona would fit that description.
My guess, its at least 8-10 months away


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Never seen the appeal of any SUV, if I wanted to sit that high up I'd put a ladder out the sunroof with a chair on top...
I'm with you on this, SUVs, let alone performance SUVs are such a pointless vehicle. You want a car with tons of room? Buy an estate lol. Not to mention the Kona is barely a looker as it is...

R Veloster N

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We owned a Kona Ultimate. It handled extremely well and was nicely trimmed out. The only thing that was lacking was the Veloster 201 hp/1.6T. It had the same engine with 195 hp but was tuned to provide all the horsepower and torque much lower in the rpm range.

Fuel economy was outstanding at 36-38 mpg, with combined rural and city driving.

It was very nimble for an SUV and was very quick off the line. It just lost out in top end but still wasn't bad.:)