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Maybe I dont have so sensible ass, but for me there is no difference at all even by reving engine on neutral. I am using ZF (Sachs) single mass, organic kit at the moment but 8-blade disc on photos was part of NRC development kit I got. It looks like NRC first kit (pressure plate + disc) didnt want to cooperate with stock dual-mass fw. After couple of weeks I will transport my car from Poland to Germany and NRC will get back their clutch + full Oem kit. I am 100% sure that they will use whole feedback and there will be one of most durable clutches coming on to market soon. Single-mass flywheel + 750 Nm cover plate + 8-blade (usable on street too) sinter disc with damping springs with lowest price on market.
Sachs is a big no for me. (Current experience with my Leon II with a loba/sachs kit rated at 750nm which I can easily slip on 3rd gear @1.8bars of boost - my high is 2.5bars)
Single mass flywheel and lower rotational mass there does make a difference. Since there is lower inertia, I guess rev matching at upshifting should work better.
Many smf kits have noise (chatter) so it is not unexpected.

For me - If I ever change the flywheel/discs/pressure plate, I would go with a twin/triple plate kit.
For me, there was a huge difference when I swapped from the stock Beta Flywheel and clutch to a fidanza with an agressive street clutch in my Tiburon (Coupe, rd2). That car died in 2011, but ircc, the weight savings of the fidanza over stock was somewhere in the 10-12lb range.

It was very noticeable, even after months of use, the engine would rev much quicker, shifts were easier to manually rev match.
You'll feel the difference with a lightened flywheel mass but not much with a lightened clutch. I've not seen a lightened flywheel for the i30N or VN yet but I'm sure it's in the works from someone.
It is a bit odd that these parts are available for the 1.6l Turbo Gamma (Elantra GT N-line), and not the more performance oriented 2.0l Turbo the I30N and VN get. Maybe it's because the Gamma has been in production longer, idk.

SXth engineering is selling them though.