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i30 N Bu11eT's Melody

Aaaand it's alcantara time :cool:

Dropped my lady off to the local saddler to get some alcantara added to my interior.
It took some time to get the right color for the stitching, luckily a mate of mine had his N done at the same saddler, so the saddler had the ability to get the right color from his supplier.
Needless to say: It turned out amazing :eek:o_O

I let him do the following things:
  • Steering wheel in alcantara (thickened up aswell)
  • Painted the Hyundai logo on the steering wheel
  • Airbag cover on the steering wheel in alcantara
  • Shift sack in alcantara
  • Shift knob in alcantara
  • Handbrake lever in alcantara
  • Armrest in alcantara
  • Dash trim part in alcantara

I can't even express how happy I am with the changes. The thickened up steering wheel now fits even better into my hands, and just touching the alcantara lets you believe you are sitting in a totally new vehicle. Especially the changes to the steering wheel and the shifting knob make a BIG difference, because you touch them all the time. After I've picked her up today, I just did not want to stop driving around :p

See for yourself:

Video (work in progress): Link
Video (final result): Link

That looks amazing. Could i have your recommendation on where you did it and the cost?:p Gruße aus Offenbach


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Cooler IAT's and air intake pulse will be considerably better. It's similar to hyperventilating for us.
I hope that I can feel a difference when it's a bit warmer outside, where cooler IATs would make a bigger difference - but I reckon the change will just be marginal.
Do you think removing the plastic Intake air shield introduces a noticeable negative effect? Right now I also don't feel a difference in that aspect :p