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  1. A

    [SOLD] Downpipe 3" + GPF out

    DP 3" + GPF out with thermal insulation. Mileage 50 km. Price very attractive. Contact priv. Price £400. Shipping from Poland about 30£
  2. RsKnZ

    Heckspoiler/Heckflügel für den i30N Fastback

    Servus Leute, weiß jmd zufällig wo man einen Heckspoiler/Heckflügel für den i30N Fastback herbekommt (so einen wie auf dem Bild). Ich hab das halbe Internet abgesucht aber keinen in der Art für den Fastback gefunden. Kennt sich da einer bisschen aus und kann mir da nen Tipp geben?
  3. Hatedia

    New (soon) owner of i30N Project C.

    Hi, everyone. I would like to introduce myself to the community. I am currently waiting for my i30N Project C and I assume that I will be coming plenty more to the forums. I hope to find some good tips and community in here. Even though the car is not here yet, I am already planning some mods...
  4. r_anderson96

    Recommended ECU tuners in Scotland?

    Looking at getting a stage 2 remap done once I get intercooler and downpipe fitted. Can any Scottish/UK members recommend any tuners that would get the best out of the N's ECU located in Scotland? I've thought about contacting EcoTune in Glasgow (where I stay) but they are VAG group mostly...
  5. bjinthahouse

    ATH Bodykit

    Hi zusammen, noch ist mein N nicht da, aber wie vermutlich die meisten hier, mache ich mir schon Gedanken um die "Aufwertung". Ich liebäugle mit den Anbauteilen von ATH-Hinsberger. Das Bronze gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass das zu meinem Phantom Black passt...
  6. N

    TDI Tuning Box

    Anyone installed one of these yet? They seem all the buisness at the minute with RaceChip doing the same. https://tdi-tuning.com/car/hyundai/i30/i30-n-20-t-gdi-271-bhp-275-ps-202-kw-353-nm-260-lbft/crtd4-multi-channel-petrol-tuning-box-chip £419 for the bluetooth version, but if you use...
  7. RedDriver

    Tuning TDI Tuning 0-100 Acceleration

    Hey guys. Been using the tuning box from TDI quite a while and I'm quite happy with its performance. Here's a quick video from 0-100km/h acceleration. N-joy!
  8. KoreaBroa

    Tuning Rollstopper Tuning

    Hi. I tuned the roll stopper to improve the gear shift feeling. It reduces power losses as well as feelings. However, there is also a disadvantage of getting worse vibrations when idling. I hope you think carefully and choose.
  9. padigree

    Tuning i30N Tuning Parts List - Thread / Discussion

    Thread for suggestions and discussing the i30N Tuning Parts List [https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-tuning-parts-list.2285/ ]
  10. Maverick

    Tuning i30N Tuning Parts List

    Bodykits / Decals / Styling This part has been separated. New thread for Body Tuning&Styling List is available here: -> https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-bodykits-decals-etc-list.3672/#post-57390 New thread for Body Tuning&Styling suggestions / discussion is available here...
  11. Crocoman

    How To: DTUK Tuning Box

    Tools needed: Cable ties, snips/cutters Time needed: ~20 minutes !!! Before you start, make sure that the car is off and the key is away from the car, just to allow any electrical systems to be completely turned off !!! It’s worth spending some time to choose the best way to feed all the...
  12. i-Liam

    Tuning Tuning Boxes

    See this posted today....would love to see results (video) http://www.remusuk.com/powerizer.asp?pman=HYUNDAI&pmod=2684