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Tyres Pirelli P Zero Discussion


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I am literally at 20,000km with the stock P-Zeros and want to go with the PS4's - Can you give me a run down on noticeable differences? Happy to receive PM or reply back :) 20km service booked for the 13th August and tyres to follow shortly after! I think mine are close to the end of "legal" and with the car being a cop magnet I want to swap them up sooner rather then ride them out to end of useful life.
I'm only 50km into them but I like them so far. They feel, and 'feel' is the operative word as this is all subjective butt-feels stuff, like they have more grip and that they are quieter than the p-zeros. I did a launch last night and it was much easier to keep it from lighting up and it didn't break loose when snapping second. I've not pushed them hard for long yet but in daily driving I like them.

It is important to note that my old tires were tired and the alignment was off so I didn't have complete and proper contact at the rear and the new ones are slightly larger (245vs235).
For the sake of the discussion I'll add this:
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Anyone has any idea why that is?
Now it made sense!!

Before i changed the PZero back on after the winter Kankooks, I lined them up and noticed that the tread pattern were not all the same. What i mean is if I put 2 tyres side by side, both had the outside and inside words written on the opposite side.

The treads would 'look' different and not identical, but they are all stock Pzeros.

Its hard to explain within pictures.

I did not know why and just rotated back axel to front, as i had done all my life.

I need to check again come this winter.