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  1. Devis

    i30 N Wonderwall's journey

    Hi everyone! Yesterday was great day since I was able to pick up my new car. I was and I still am beyond excited! I am not sure how frequently I will post updates, but I would like to "track" they journey for you guys and mostly for myself. :) A few quick notes to start with: Name...
  2. Devis

    Allg. Fragen / Finanzierung / laufende Kosten i30N

    Grüßt euch, (erster Post hier im Forum) wie im Titel schon steht habe ich ein paar Fragen / suche ein paar Ratschläge bzgl. der Finanzierung/Ratenhöhe und der laufenden Kosten. Habt ihr euren i30N finanziert? Wenn nein, wieso? Wenn ja, wo und mit welcher Laufzeit? Vorallem bei der Laufzeit bin...
  3. J

    i30 N Leasing

    Hi guys, Really interesting in leasing an i30N. Just wondered what the forum thinks is my best option. The best quote I've had on an i30N Performance (maintenance included) is £2,300 deposit, £370 per month, 8,000 miles, 36 months. A fair few saying on an i30N Facebook that this is easily...
  4. Maverick

    Tuning i30N Tuning Parts List

    Bodykits / Decals / Styling This part has been separated. New thread for Body Tuning&Styling List is available here: -> https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-bodykits-decals-etc-list.3672/#post-57390 New thread for Body Tuning&Styling suggestions / discussion is available here...
  5. T

    HP issue

    hey N drivers, i had my i30n on the dyno the other week and i figured out that it only has 256 hp and i have the performance pack. i informed my hyundai dealer and they told me that it is normal and they cant do anything about it and warranty wouldnt help me.. does anybody had the same issue ...
  6. Maverick

    Maverick's Phantom Black i30N

    Coming soon...
  7. Maverick

    The i30N Bible

    Technical Specifications: Brand: Hyundai Model: i30 Generation: i30 III Modification (Engine): N 2.0 T-GDI (275 PS) (Performance variant) Doors: 5 Seats: 5 Coupe type: Hatchback/Fastback Power: 275 PS/6000 rpm. Maximum speed: 250 km/h Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 6.1 sec Year of production: Q4...
  8. K

    Kosten Ölwechsel und Inspektionen

    Moin, ich wollte nur mal nachfragen was ihr so für eure Ölwechsel und Inspektionen bezahlt (inklusive Arbeitsleistung), die Intervalle für den Ölwechsel sind ja doch ziemlich kurz, dafür die für die Inspektionen relativ lang. Grüße aus Thüringen
  9. Seai30n

    Wheels Alloy and Tyre protection

    Did anyone else take out the alloy and tyre protection? For £250 it covers for two years against damage to the alloys and any abnormality on the tyres including vandalism.
  10. Moritz

    i30N Performance Phantom Black

    This is my i30N Performance in Phantom Black. I picked it up 15th November 2017 in Reutlingen next to Stuttgart, Germany. More pictures to come...
  11. Scottukl

    My white i30N Performance Pack

    Hi everyone, I’ve just seen my new white performance pack model delivered to my local dealer. I collect it next week on launch date which is really exciting - can’t wait to take it out and play with the settings. Got a few track days planned next year too. This replaces my 2015 Subaru WRX STi