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  1. M

    speaker installation in syd

    Hi all, looking to upgrading my speakers and maybe install an amp and sub. does any one know a good sound system installation in Sydney that has already installed speakers for our cars? I dont want someone t
  2. Jigbits

    Tuning JB4 Installation

    So this is my first time actually working on a car myself. I read a lot of good things about the JB4 and was pretty excited to find that it works with the Veloster N. I've never installed anything like this before and considering there is little to no info about the Veloster N out there I was...
  3. Corsa59

    How To: Mud Flaps

    I have installed some aftermarket mudflaps.... Here is how I did it: Before you cut and drill your real mudflaps, PLEASE get 2 decent pieces of cardboard, cut them to 385 * 285mm, the size of the Rally Armor universal mudflaps, and make cardboard ones and test fit them FIRST. I can't guarantee...
  4. DanFez

    How To: Dash Cam

    So I was off work and thought i'd fit the dash cam which came out of the old car! Here is the Dash cam - Nextbase 512GW And this is the hardwire kit that I used which goes straight the the fusebox - available from Halords - or im sure you can find one online. Hyundai's are some of the...
  5. Garth

    How To: LED Interior

    Maybe not the same in all markets, but I'm pretty sure mine are LED.