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  1. takeru-hayabusa

    Hello from Germany

    Hello everyone, first sorry for my poor english. I am not a native speaker. I'm in my mid-30s and I live in Germany near Frankfurt. In addition to real cars, I also like racing on the console with a steering wheel, like to go to the stadium or to concerts. In general, however, I am open to...
  2. 92lleo

    Hi from Munich, Germany

    Hi Guys! I'm reading (and sometimes posting) for a while here now, yesterday I finally went and got my N home. It's an i30 Fastback N Performance in Engine Red, with comfort, navi and sunroof. Back in 2018 I brought my families ioniq to the dealer to change tires and had to wait for them to...
  3. 92lleo

    Fastback Leo's Engine Red i30 Fastback N Performance

    Hi Guys! Finally got my N at home! It's a fastback performance with navi, comfort and sunroof, MY19, was my dealers the company car since 11/2019. Sold my first and last car, a 1989 "brillant rot" BMW E30, around 8 years ago (I was young and needed the money...), so I was sure the next car has...
  4. O

    Finanzierung? Barkauf? - Carwow angebot / mobile.de suche

    Hallo leute, Ich suche jetzt die i30n performance von meinem 2013 Polo GTI (c.a 99,000km) kaufen innerhalb eines Jahres. Da bekomme ich meine finanzierung und arbeite bis dahin in ordnung :) (immer noch ein dualer Student B.A) Meine Wunschliste: Hatchback / Performance Performance blue Voll...
  5. padigree

    padigree's shiNy

    "It's time to do what I should have done for a long time." padigree, 2018 :D In the future I will mostly post here on changes and modifications / Meetings / Photos / Videos and so on.. I have already 6000km on the clock, but will still make some little (or maybe bigger?) things on the car. :)...
  6. Moritz

    i30N Performance Phantom Black

    This is my i30N Performance in Phantom Black. I picked it up 15th November 2017 in Reutlingen next to Stuttgart, Germany. More pictures to come...