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fastback n

  1. C

    New Fastback N owner from Brisvegas!!!

    Hi everyone my name is Hano and I am from Brisbane, Queensland here in Australia (for those international readers). I picked up my 2019 Polar White Fastback N on Friday (it had been sitting in a dealership holding yard) and am quickly growing into the car and getting comfortable with it. It is...
  2. K

    i30N einfahren

    Hallo, übermorgen hole ich meinen i30N Fastback ab und möchte Fragen wie Ihr euren N eingefahren habt. Ist es schlimm direkt 200km auf der Autobahn zu fahren solange ich nicht über 3000rpm gehe?
  3. Flanker75

    FLANKER75 's Fastback N

  4. BigJim

    Hello from Hampshire

    Hi Guys, Just popping in to say hello. Not been on a car forum before so this is always a first. Had been looking at the car since it was first announced. Wanted it when I first test drove one January/February 2019, but financially it wasn't a smart decision to get one then. About September...
  5. Tannercillo

    Wheels About the Motec Ultralight on Fastback N Performance

    Since almost 80 days I am a proud owner of a Fastback N Performance :cool: and now that winter is coming, I need to change the wheels and rims, here in Germany. I would like to buy the rims as light as possible but they have to be afforable. The rims that appeal to me more are the Motec...
  6. tjhakala

    Hello from Finland

    Moro, Picked up my Fastback N (Shadow grey + 1k nano) a week ago and it's been a truly fantastic ride. Absolutely love it & wife's already jealous. Haven't seen many N's around (yet) here in Finland (Tampere) - couple of hatchbacks that's pretty much it. Looking forward digging into the...

    NULLOBANDITO's Fastback N

    Mod-List: Installed: LED indicators LED reverse-lights Removed Fastback-logo Remote windows up/down Black Hyundai badges front/back ITG cold-air induction kit Forge short-shifter kit WeAreLikewise Shifter-handle + extension (Daytona/Suzuka) Alcantara shifter-cover Powerflex purple (A80 shore)...
  8. P

    Hello from Essex and a new i30 Fastback N owner

    Hello from Essex from a new Hyundai owner. Doesn't officially go on sale until Monday but deposit paid on an i30 Fastback N in shadow grey. The car has arrived in Tilbury docks so just waiting for a date on when they can deliver it to my local dealer. Apparently the dealer can only get hold of...
  9. LC10Louis

    Body Kits & Parts

    Hi guys, Just stumbled across this forum whilst looking online for wind deflectors. I've had my i30N performance for just over 2 months and loving it! Has anyone fitted any wind deflectors to their i30N yet? Pictures would be great please..... as I'm considering putting them on mine but would...