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  1. RsKnZ

    Heckspoiler/Heckflügel für den i30N Fastback

    Servus Leute, weiß jmd zufällig wo man einen Heckspoiler/Heckflügel für den i30N Fastback herbekommt (so einen wie auf dem Bild). Ich hab das halbe Internet abgesucht aber keinen in der Art für den Fastback gefunden. Kennt sich da einer bisschen aus und kann mir da nen Tipp geben?
  2. Fearme133

    Where to find this spoiler?

    Hi, this is the first time that i post a thread on a forum... i don‘t know how it works but i hope you guys can help me. I found this spoiler but i don’t know where to buy it, or maybe something like this.
  3. 19_EGTNU

    I30N vs Elantra GTN OEM Parts

    Hi everybody I recently bought a 2019 EGTNU in Canada. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any differences between the North American Elantra GT N line, outside of the obvious things such as the engine, and various exterior and interior trims? In essence...if I was to have...

    i30N Bodykits, Styling, Decals - List

    List of Bodykits, Styling, Decals To make suggestions or discuss - use the separated thread here: [https://n-cars.net/forums/threads/i30n-bodykits-styling-decals-thread.3728/] Full Body Kits Hyundai Aero-pack (website) Zymexx Drive-Emotion body kit (website) Rieger body kit...
  5. Duncs

    [Closed] *Wanting* Spoiler

    Just wondering if anyone on here is wanting to sell their spoiler or can help in finding one. Iv only seen it sold on the German Hyundai website unfortunately.
  6. LC10Louis

    Body Kits & Parts

    Hi guys, Just stumbled across this forum whilst looking online for wind deflectors. I've had my i30N performance for just over 2 months and loving it! Has anyone fitted any wind deflectors to their i30N yet? Pictures would be great please..... as I'm considering putting them on mine but would...