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  1. R Veloster N

    This is: HOBB!

    I'll be adding a DTUK Tuner and Pedal Box w/Apps shortly. Have it in hand. Pipercross Performance Filter, various interior upgrades and I'll post everything as well. Enjoying the break-in right now. Not in a hurry to get there either. Spoke to K & N/ R & D and they are showing interest in a...
  2. Maverick


    A list with all available guides on the forum. All contents are linked to the related reading material. General Information How to inspect a new car on delivery day. Technical Specifications & Maintenance Engine, Gearbox, Tuning DTUK Tuning Box installation Airbox Removal Chassis...
  3. Corsa59

    N-cars.net Stickers

    1/1/2019 I have had a few requests from O/S for the aussie version of the stickers. I am happy to post overseas, just add $2 AUD to the total cost to cover the overseas postage. Last batch I sent OS cost me $3 AUD for postage and took about 2 weeks to get there. Make sure you let me know you...