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  1. 1FastStagea

    Tuning JB4 Technical Info, Discussion, Issues

    Since there seems to be a lot of info being requested and posted in a bunch of different threads, I'm making this thread to consolidate everything JB4 related. If you have any questions, info, problems, etc. with your JB4 module feel free to post them here. I'll edit this post with a bunch of...
  2. Jigbits

    Tuning JB4 Installation

    So this is my first time actually working on a car myself. I read a lot of good things about the JB4 and was pretty excited to find that it works with the Veloster N. I've never installed anything like this before and considering there is little to no info about the Veloster N out there I was...
  3. RPM8300

    Engine Veloster N - ( I30N ECU ) JB4 dyno test result 299whp 481N.m

    HYUNDAI VELOSTER N 2019 JB4 CUSTOM MAP6 DYNOCOM TEST RESULT original (oem airfilter ) 236whp 353N.m BMC OTA airfilter + air hole airduct install 247whp 380N.M ( increase 11whp 27N.m) test by 2time each map map 0 : 261whp 420N.m ( BMC OTA increase ) map 1 : 275whp 470N.m...
  4. RPM8300

    Engine JB4 install Veloster N world first ?

    today i install JB4 for my veloster N basic map1 setting pump gas fuel it is feelling very good and more performance & response... Korea, where I live, is very cold now. The jb4 was mounted and the driving test was carried out, but the road surface is cold and the wheel spin up to the third...