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  1. V

    Connection Issues with Wireless CarPlay

    Hello all, Recently purchased a 2021 i30 N Line in Lava Orange. Great car and loving the drive, but experiencing some intermittent issues. One major one being the poor connection with wireless CarPlay. During any one drive, I can expect my phone to be disconnected at least 4 times, which is not...
  2. C

    humming noise when in neutral

    I've just recently bought a i30n really happy with it, just one little thing bugging me, when the car is in neutral with the clutch engaged there is a quiet humming noise. When the clutch is disengaged you can hear it fading away and it comes right back when it is engaged again. is this normal...
  3. K

    Steering Issues

    Finally collected my car today and it feels extremely heavy with feedback at slower speeds, faster or harder movements not a issue. Mainly when your cruising down a duel carriage way and you want to keep the wheel straight feels like it wants to pull left or right and tries to move the wheel so...
  4. 1FastStagea

    Tuning JB4 Technical Info, Discussion, Issues

    Since there seems to be a lot of info being requested and posted in a bunch of different threads, I'm making this thread to consolidate everything JB4 related. If you have any questions, info, problems, etc. with your JB4 module feel free to post them here. I'll edit this post with a bunch of...
  5. J

    i30N - First service + issues identified

    Hi all! UK 275N owner who's just had his car's first service as I've reached 10,000 miles (owned the car for 11 months). Below is a list of my car's issues / annoyances which I have noticed plus the Hyundai service's responses to them (although somewhat summarised): 1. Ticking noise whenever...
  6. Maverick

    I30N Common Issues & Recalls

    It is recommended that the vehicle is correctly checked and diagnosed as this list is only intended as a GUIDE and NOT applicable in all cases/models/year of manufacture. 5th-6th speed gear assembly & synchronizer ring Problem: Some vehicles may experience abnormal hard shifting in 5th and 6th...