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  1. R

    i30n MoTeC Plugin Kits Available

    Looks like a true standalone plugin kit now exists! Powertune Australia have M142 kits for these cars.
  2. Maverick

    I30N Common Issues & Recalls

    It is recommended that the vehicle is correctly checked and diagnosed as this list is only intended as a GUIDE and NOT applicable in all cases/models/year of manufacture. 5th-6th speed gear assembly & synchronizer ring Problem: Some vehicles may experience abnormal hard shifting in 5th and 6th...
  3. T

    HP issue

    hey N drivers, i had my i30n on the dyno the other week and i figured out that it only has 256 hp and i have the performance pack. i informed my hyundai dealer and they told me that it is normal and they cant do anything about it and warranty wouldnt help me.. does anybody had the same issue ...
  4. R

    ECU Replaced -Cruise Control & Launch Control Intermittent

    Hi, My ECU was replaced two months ago, now I’ve got the following problems: -my cruise control is intermittent (sometimes I can set it other times I can’t -I know the lowest you can set it is 20mph). -I can’t adjust the Revs when using launch control. The garage is being rather unhelpful...