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  1. F


    Me muero por poner negros los emblemas, pero no los encuentro por ningun lado alguien podria poner algun link o alguna solucion, no quiero usar plastidip por que tengo una mala experiencia me gustaria o unas fundas que he visto en algun otro ilo o pintarlas y en caso de pintarlas queria saber...
  2. Maverick

    Maverick's Phantom Black i30N

    Coming soon...
  3. Moritz

    i30N Performance Phantom Black

    This is my i30N Performance in Phantom Black. I picked it up 15th November 2017 in Reutlingen next to Stuttgart, Germany. More pictures to come...
  4. I

    Colour Thread - Decisions / Discussion

    This is the "new" thread to discuss colours, ask questions and request pictures. Since there are a lot of people asking what color to order, there is now this collection-thread. To keep everything clear/clean, it would be useful to respond to the respective post via the "reply-button". Hi...