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World Rally Championship


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He did win, but it was with a bit of luck. I know it's still a win, but they realy need to upgrade the engine for a bit more power and also need to solve the understeer problem.
I think this year's title is for Toyota to lose. The line up is just too strong.

Hyundai seriously needs to address their driver pool. Too many old names being kept and no new blood coming in.

Those guys who drove for Skodas should have been poached from the VW group, and be given the chance.

and what about Henning Solberg? Poor guy, still paying his own way after all these years. Time he gets a small works drive programm, especially in snow rallies.


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If the rest of Toyota drivers does not start to bring points home, Hyundai will win it for sure.

Hyundai has the best lineup actually...
1. TN - Fast, stable and makes very few mistakes. He have had very much luck also so far. One of best drivers at the moment.
2. SL - Guy who has biggest amount of experience, he is still fast enough to keep pace with all current fast drivers. SL has very good "ass" for finding good setup for car very fast and if he will not make any mistakes, he will be on podium.
3. DS - Almost same fast as TN (he can be on podium in every single rally he makes but not win them) but because of half season and technical problems, he wasn´t able to realize his potential this season. He has also one weak point - 3rd day. If there will be a battle on 3rd day with some other driver, 90% of cases he will loose.
4. AM - ... have no idea why they still keep him in Hyundai. HP (Paddon) is much stabile driver than he, but HP is sitting home without contract. AM spends time for finding a good setup for car and building confidence 90% of rallies. Definitely the weakest link in team.

Toyota has 3 fast drivers but...
1. OT - Stable rigid driver who makes very few mistakes and usually he wins if car does not brake down. Almost 70% of team points so far, where collected by him.
2. JML - also fast but known as a shitt magnet (his car brakes down the most and he will make mistakes on tight situations)
3. KM - very fast but makes way too many mistakes

Hyundai has better lineup in my oppinion because they have more stable drivers, who will bing points home, Toyota has one guy who can do it and 2-guys with very big question marks above their heads.


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Don´t worry - Mr. Stoneface (Adamo) will think out something for sure.
Hyundai has a big problem at the moment and it is rally Finland. It hasn´t been the strongest rally for TN so far, both Loeb and Sordo does not want to go there and AM also does not have the best history there. Rally Finland is a home rally for Toyota and Mr. Adamo must find someone to put inside of 3rd car there. If I was mr Adamo, I will make 2-rally deal with HP (Paddon) - rally Estonia (WRC promotional rally 2 weeks before Finland) + rally Finland). HP is the only additional guy who can be fast with Hyundai in Finland.