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World Rally Championship


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Preparation is key. My buddy and I decide in the evening prior to the stages which ones we would like to attend. When you attend bigger rallies you get a map with designated spectator spots. You can either go to these or try your own luck to find a spot along the stage route. Most of the times you have 3-4 stages a day. Most stages are driven twice a day, so you have the option to switch around and try different ones.

I suggest a camping chair (maybe something you can stand on if the spectator spot is packed with people so you can look over them), food and something to drink. That's basically it.

Depending on the amount of participating cars it takes 30 minutes to 2 hours before all cars went through.

If you like really for the sport I suggest you buy WRC+, so you can see the live timings on your phone and have a live feed to what's happening. I don't use it, as I prefer the looks and sound of the cars.

There is much more stuff to visiting a rally (Parc fermé, driving on public roads behind a wrc car - best thing ever, walking through the countryside while hoping to find a neat little spectator spot that wasn't on the map, etc. etc.)
And don't forget to wrap up warm (especially if watching on the col du turini) and have waterproof jacket lots of standing around waiting. A torch can be useful especially if you are likely to be in forests after dark. Mark your car on GPS too it can be disorienting trying to find it in the dark.


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It looks like there will be a huge fight in the end of this season between TN, SO and OT. I like Hyundai as a car but I will always keep my fingers crossed to my countrymate and my good friend OT ;)


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Just like to say that Ott Tanak has a seriously well measured drive to win Portugal! Absolutely outstanding maturity shown. 18 months ago that may have been a different outcome!

Talk of Seb Ogier heading to Citroen now?

Silly season beckons...


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Hopefully Thierry and Nicolas can keep their position but Ogier is coming very close now. It'll be a battle until the finish of Australia.
I have been following the WRC since the early group A days, after watching the Lombard RAC rally on TV in what was ( i was too young to realise then) the last event fpr the group B cars. In those days, there were no Australian rounds left. Just the nasty Kielder forest to finishng the year off!

Back to the present day, i think Seb O. will win it. He has the momentum of a chaser, and T N, i think he had lost the championship many events ago. The i20 was just too fragile. A little cut in the tarmac resulted in problem for Spain this year and Geermany last year? Come on.

The Hyundais did not have the agressiveness of the Yaris. And why oh why Ott could not just slow down over bumps? Or the noted put a caution over it? Twice he landed badly and bugged his event.

Seb O has got luck , helpful team mates and a tough fiesta. I am sure if we are to bring back a Safari event, the fords will win it.