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Wheels Wintrac Pro 19"

There wasn't a reason for choosing the Kona, and I can't remember what I did to confirm they would be OK, I know I did some part number comparisons across suppliers. I'll see what I can remember.
I bought the Vredesteins last year and had them mounted on the stock wheels by my local dealer, did not hear any complaints from them, nor did it last extremely long.

So, yeah, just to have it confirmed from multiple sources... They fit, and shouldn't be causing huge issues. I'm about to drop my car off tomorrow for a service and change to winter tires again (little late this year, had some snow fun on the P-Zeros already, including almost not being able to pull away from a traffic light :p). Will report back if they mention any issues or if it takes longer than expected.

And just a quick recommendation for the tires as well, they served me very well last winter.