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Will a 6' 3" driver with a Simpson Voyageur Helmet fit in a VN?


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Mar 6, 2018
That is a huge problem, might walk into the dealership with my helmet and ask for a test drive.
This will be your best bet. It all comes down to your body type. I’m a bigger guy 6’3 and in the mid 200lb range and I have plenty of headroom and find the N to be extremely comfortable. While I heard guys who are 6 foot complain of headroom.
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R Veloster N

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Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
All you have to do is sit in it with the helmet and you'll know right off. I think you're going to find you'll be stretching the limits of comfort with the VN being 6'3". Adding a helmet into the mix will be a problem no matter what you do.