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Why Dont We Get These Options?

So chasing this a I approached a dealer and asked if I bought the upgrade stereo pack can they fit it or can i get it from them and fit it before i collect the car. This is the reply.

"Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out any more about the N-options add-ons, including the sound system. It appears that Hyundai UK have decided against going down that route for the time being. Hopefully In the near future it will become a possibility as it currently is in Europe but I have been unable to confirm a timeframe from anyone at Hyundai UK."

I have emailed Hyundai UK also asking the questions.

I mean at this point I will just go aftermarket which I didn't fancy doing but if its more cost effective I will.


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Although this stuff ain’t available in the uk, surely they’d still install it?, worse case they’d have to get the instructions sent over, and it might give them a kick up the ass too, as it shows that we want this kit over here too


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Yes, I’ve contacted Hyundai several times about things like this - most recently about the N Options shown back in September (spoiler/big brakes/carbon etc etc) and my response was really odd.......

‘The N Options were a concept of possible future accessories and we don’t have any available at this time. The I30N is a fantastic car and we hope to release some of the accessories in the near future.’

That was replied on 11th March 2019.


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Yeah tbh they do seem to answer questions in an almost robotic way, maybe just turn up at the dealers with your “genuine kit”, I can’t see them turning you down especially if your paying for them to fit stuff, maybe also the relatively smaller sales here vs Germany has something to do with it all.
They might not want to commit just yet in case it all flops, who knows


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I'm after the carbon rear spoiler might have to get it from Germany now.Been waiting patiently and don't know why these options aren't available in the UK because the demand is there.
So Hyundai also responded yesterday -

Good Evening Mr Greaves

Thank you for taking the time to contact Hyundai Customer Service's and for your interest in the fantastic Hyundai i30N.

There isn't an option for the UK spec of i30N to upgrade the stereo. If you are looking to purchase the stereo separately and have it fitted you would need to speak with your selling Hyundai dealership to establish if this is a possibility. Under normal circumstances parts that are fitted and sold by Hyundai do not have impact on the 5 year warranty. You can find your local Hyundai dealership by visiting the following link https://www.hyundai.co.uk/dealer-locator

I trust that this information will assist you however if I can be of any further help then please do feel free to come back to me.

Best wishes

So as we guessed we can buy the bits from Germany but not via our dealer network. In short I think rather than getting it then i'll go aftermarket and get a audio installer to do it all and upgrade to what i want. Probably cost a little more but will be much better. As for parts from Germany still going to order some bits.
Nice thread.
The soundsystem is a major let down in the UK i30N - I wonder if a German dealer would fit them to keep the warranty, perhaps install after a quick spin round the Nürburgring?


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A uk dealer will fit them for you and you still have warranty but you have to buy it separate.

3 hours labour fitting also
You’d think so, the dealer I got my car from wouldn’t fit/or get fitted my towbar, I got that from Hyundai Germany
If its a Hyundai part you can install it yourself and keep warranty as its a Hyundai approved part. Rear spoiler was shown on here I think or you tube by a German owner being removed and installed. UK Hyundai told me that if you change the seats or alter car original spec. then just that part is not covered but rest of car is.