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Suspension and Chassis Whiteline Springs


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Anybody installed these yet? Tire Rack lists them for the VN but Whiteline's page suggests the Elantra GT. Either way curb weights are pretty close, curious how these progressive spring rates feel on the vn (134 lb/in front, 112 rear) as well as how the 25-30mm drop sits.
The VN lower control arm points downward which is a good thing because with a MacPherson we get some camber gain on compression but there is a point where the camber gain becomes camber loss. Watch this video at 15:02 that explains it:

When you lower your car, not only do you lose suspension travel but you will hit the camber loss point under compression sooner. Careful measurements need to be made and this is the problem with the manufacturers lowering spring options. Not only do they not advertise the spring rates compared to the factory rates but they do not talk about the results during their testing. Maybe they didn't even do any testing!