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What arrived in the post today then.

Who! Me.

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Apr 4, 2018
With the Covid-19 more people are shopping on line so this is just a distraction which is non car related so what did you buy recently that arrived by your local courier or post man.

This box arrived at my door today. So, what arrived with you at your address and were you excited to receive the parcel or where you like me looking at the box and thinking well maybe the box could have better quality.

Post your own comments below of your experiences and what you received.R1.JPG


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Sep 19, 2019
Maryland, USA
Here in the US, we got a check from the government to help restart our economy/pay bills for people out of work.
I spread mine out globally.
Oil Catch cans from sxth engineering in South Carolina, USA
Short throw shifter for an Elantra sport(required some modification to fit my EGTNline/i30 N-line) from shark racing in korea
Front lip spoiler and rear diffuser for i30n (N-line models have the same front bumper and rear insert as i30n) from protuning.lv via eBay.
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