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VelosterN Crash on circuit - South Korea


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you can watch 1440p high quality video on Youtube ( gopro 7 zimbal )

Last week I was driving with my friends
I don't know when -1.2 seconds in the best lap

Too much speed, I spin and accident.

Fortunately, the car was broken a little without major injury, and all the parts arrived today
The repair will be completed today.

There are some parts that need to be painted and sheet metal,
Fortunately, the parts are very cheap.

Due to the winter driving, the rear tire was not completely heated and the esc off had caused an accident at the overspeed entry.

Everybody drive safely

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Bad luck, looked pretty competent until the end. Too much kerb unsettling the car rather than too much speed?
Yeah that kerb made it liftoff and since it's semi slicks the fronts hooked and made it spin out. Good driving otherwise! Kerbs are tricky though so stay safe! Glad to see the car didnt suffer any major damage.

R Veloster N

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Very glad you weren't hurt. Cars can be repaired with money and time, not so much for the body and mind sometimes.

Get back on the horse, (so-to-speak) as soon as you're able. It will help your confidence and use the experience as a positive one. I know it doesn't look like it now but in reflection, find the positive in the experience and dwell on it.
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