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Tuning Veloster N World first turbo upgrade plan day1 ( from south korea )


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Dec 11, 2018

Today is the first day of the first turbo upgrade
After lowering the engine first, it took about 10 minutes to replace the piston and conrod

We have done a lot of engine work in Korea, so if you work with a professional mechanic, most of the work is completed in about 2 days except ecu remap.

Sometimes the more time you do custom work, the more time you add a day

I think I can see the first basic output of my car on the dynamo about 3 days later on Saturday.

The problem is that, unlike the intake port, the length of the exhaust port is small and compact, so it is not easy to work on the exhaust manifold ( theta1 engine diffrent)

It was the work process from this morning until the lunchtime, and after work, the piston and the forged conrod were fitted and the assembly was finished and the turbine was likely to be fitted

you can watch youtube 10minute later now i am uploding


also you can watch my instagram RPM8300