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Veloster N performance pack pricing


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Well guys after waiting for Several weeks with lil to no updates on my VN we finally got something today. The car is set to arrive by January 6th and the invoice price is 29,885. That is the bottom line price that my dealer owns the car for. And I am beyond estatic because I recently totaled my VT and now my want for a new car has became a need..

R Veloster N

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Just wanted to let everyone know, I currently have a VN Performance Blue with the performance pack sitting on my showroom floor ( I work for the dealer) we're selling at MSRP, NO ADDITIONAL MARKUP $29,970. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
Dude seriously, get a life you're being a leach! This forum isn't your personal sales tool.:p
I am getting poochie fooked in the rear by retailers and would seriously enjoy such “leaching” posts. Markup is terrible for a korean car. Having issues still
Wont happen again, just don’t like seeing people get screwed by dealers that are adding 10k worth of markup. My apologies all.