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Veloster N brochure


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I would like to see the whole thing if it can be posted.
I will post it tomorrow when I get back into work. Its def a good read. Its goes into all aspects of the car and went over some things I didn’t know about. Like the car comes standard with upgraded infinity sound system. And Blue link which is free for 3 years.


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Here’s the rest of the brochure guys. Sorry for the delay.. with my other car being totaled the other day I’ve been busy trying to get everything squared away with that.



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What kind of info/control do you have there (via BlueLink)? We have the followings:

Web - no control feature
  • Daily (Bar Graph/Table) - Trip distance, Operating hours (which does not include idling time), Ratio of driving/idling time, Top speed*, Average Speed (the denominator does include idling time here)
  • Monthly (Bar Graph only) - Trip distance, Ratio of driving/idling time, Top speed, Average Speed
  • Odometer, basic diagnostics and consumable reminders
  • Check some info - door lock status, distance to empty, location of your car, monthly report (redirect to web)
  • Control features - door lock/unlock, hazard light / horn on, send destination to your car
* one scary thing is, here in Korea, employee at the dealership can look up for a customer's profile, and if they do that, the top speed (lifetime) pops right up (I've personally seen mine with the help of a sales guy).

Since there is no remote start feature (which is available on BlueLink enabled cars with automatic transmissions), the only useful use case I found is, you can leave your key inside and lock your door from outside via BlueLink while the engine is running. Good for a quick stop by, but in the meantime you're exposed to the risk of being locked out from your own car, if the BlueLink system is down for some reason (you cannot lock/unlock the door with your secondary keys).

I've double downed on this feature (i.e. leave one of my key inside the car whole time and don't carry the key at all) and so far so good. This may not be a good idea where the vehicle theft rate is high, but we have less than 1,000 vehicle theft per year in the entire country (less than 2 per 100k population).


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Can you hold your phone the other way round, or postprocess the pics? My neck is aching.
Sorry about that. It’s tricky trying to photograph the brochure and shrink the pics down small enough to be posted on this site. It seems like I’m chopping every photo that I take. And it’s a pain to try and get it small enough to fit and show all the info clearly
I'm not fluent in American; what's the significance of 'available' 19" wheels?
Meaning instead of getting the 18 inch rims standard, if you choose the option of performance package you get the available 19 inch rims. Hyundai is letting the consumer know that the bigger rims are available. I hope this helps!