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UK I30N Performance CS

I doubt it will get much louder with intake.. Maybe if turbo is highflowed and a bit more boost itll be louder..
I'd put money on it being louder. From previous cars both turbo and n/a having the intake replaced from the standard plastic/rubber to something like a metal or carbon intake the noises increase a fair amount.
Took my car in to Hyundai today as found to have a 'bobbling' noise coming from the front right. Hyundai have replaced a few steering racks which hasn't sorted the issue so waiting on a response.

Drivers seat has a few creases in the bolster which they don't have a fix for so in not worried about getting it done yet.

Alarm going off when parked near a bush and it's windy as well. They need to adjust it but they are speaking to Hyundai about that too.

Had a Tucson 1.6 petrol turbo. Wow that thing is comfy but slowwww. Had a nice little idea on the sun visors of a slot that slides out to cover the gap between the rear view mirror and the visor which is a nice feature.