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Two VN's in Elkhart Lake

Met two guys with VN's, and one guy with a 2.0 na, in Elkhart Lake this past weekend. I got wrapped up with family towards the end of the event so couldn't catch you before heading out.

One was red with AFE catback (god those tips were yuuuge), the other black (carbon fiber vinyl roof), both w/ performance pack. It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

Give me a holler if you're on here!
That's way more than I've seen this year.

The aFe Exhaust will be my next purchase. I'm really considering swapping to their downpipe as well.:)
I creeped on AFE's website after seeing it in person and the build quality looks incredible, and the integration with stock exhaust valve is nice. Some days I wish I got the PP, but after 5min I'm still more than happy with the base. Thought about getting the aFe catback and making a plate to cover where the valve motor shaft would go through, but I think that would essentially be a straight pipe from the cat back (now that I know I don't have a resonator :) )
Here's a thought, I could make a manual butterfly valve that fits in where the electronic flapper would be. When driving around, I would keep it closed, but when going to the track I'll just kneel down there and turn it by hand and make some sort of locking mechanism so it doesn't flop around...

Hmmm, you should let me know if you get one and take a whole bunch of pictures of that valve mounting area. It may persuade me...

R Veloster N

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Always wait and give yourself time to think. I'll bet you can find a used one for even less. Someone who's changed out the axle or catback will have one. Just a matter of time and they'd probably be glad to get it out of their garage.:)

LIKE ME! When it's purchased!;)
Pretty close, on the straight pipe. Yeah it's fairly easy I believe. The welds are seamless compared to several downpipes, even the HDT from Germany.:D
Really considering the HDT downpipe, what’s the diffence between getting a “with OPF” or “without OPF” on my downpipe. With the newest year i30N is it purely a matter of the “without OPF” will sound better or will it throw error codes or is there a connection port on the “with OPF”. Thanks for your help! Considering these two:
https://www.hdt-motorsport.de/heiss...pes/67/downpipe/sportkatalysator-hyundai-i30n (catless) 70mm for stock
https://www.hdt-motorsport.de/heiss...exstueck/hosenrohr-v2.0-hyundai-i30n-ohne-opf all 70mm for stock fit