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Toyota Yaris GR4

R Veloster N

Well-Known Member
Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
Personally IMO, the Yaris GR hasn't got a chance against the Mini GP and I'd take the Mini GP every time even at the cost they list it at.

Just goes to show you what a 4 cylinder can produce over a 3 cylinder. Even with a little tweak. Just a V8 can over a V6. More holes will always buy you more power. That's just the way it is in reality. The Yaris isn't a giant killer. What is required money wise to make up the speed differential for the Yaris GR to the Mini GP performance, the Mini with the same amount spent, will simply thrash the 'Yaris GR.

To be specific; the Mimi GP just didn't beat the Yaris GR, it caught it and walked away from it, hands down. Moreover the JCW Mini makes the same hp and will effectively do the same job for less money than the Mini GP.

No offense to you intended, just the way I see it in perspective. :) đź‘Ť