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Toyota Reportedly Wants To Bring Back The Celica And MR2


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I agree. A revival of the car that made Toyota so appealing in the late 80's early 90's would be awesome. The GT86 is good but hopefully just a start. Dynamics brilliant on that car but lacks oomph.

To be fair the same goes for Honda - I used to love Honda's back in the day...yet here I am driving a Hyundai instead of the Honda hot hatch. Hope that changes soon.


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Who wants to take bets on which company Toyota is going to outsource these cars' development to?

I'm thinking maybe they'll ask Nissan or Ford to build them a car this time o_O:p
I sure also hope to bring back a new Celica.... However I'm too much afraid they will bring as so called Hybrid Celica and that's will ruin my childhood fast & furious dreams.... Let's hope I'm totally wrong
I saw a Corolla recently. Its shape and size is right for a GRMN version. Why they had bothered with that smaller Yaris GRMN? I have never seen one ever, in the flesh.

In the last decade, Toyota and Nissan had gone completely soft. Nothing hot.
Atleast Honda has a Jazz sport.