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Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition

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R Veloster N

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Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
Got something else to spend some money on now.🤣

We looked at a really nice 2019 Lexus 10th Anniversary Edition with (449 actual miles). Carbon and Sport Packages along with a Mark Levinson Stereo System fully loaded. 91,000K new in 2019 but didn't want to budge on the price at $72,500, so here we are.

The first dealer we ordered the GR from decided to stack on $2500 on top of the MSRP, so we said bye, bye to them. Went to the other, they were pretty proud of the price as well but we eventually were able to get the car at MSRP. That's was including a Toyota 10 yr bumper to bumper warranty at cost. 👍🇺🇸

This the actual photo off the showroom of the car;
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Wouldn't go near one to be honest.

They were the first option I looked at after the promised "400Hp" Subaru STi got discontinued.

The GR Corolla is a total rip off over here and you had to go into a ballot to even buy one. The second ballot for them that went out they had to tell people they were not "Free" because clearly people thought they were going in a draw for free cars and then backed out when they got told they were "Winners" and where is your NZD$80,000 ????

The i30N is like NZD$20,000 cheaper and kicks the shit out of it.

Sadly this is coming from a big Toyota fan of the last 30 years.

Its really even worse when if we had the Golf R in a manual over here it would be cheaper than the GR Corolla. With the Golf R available in a manual in North America for left hand drive only, why would you even look at a Toyota ?
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Installed a Forge Motorsport Short Shift kit and a set of RacerX precision shift bushings. OEM’s are rubber and give a vague engagement. Now with the shift kit and bushing it’s very precise, mechanical and about 60% shorter throw.

Along with the above, also installed a SXTH Element Center Console. All are nice improvements to an already sharp car; 👍🇺🇸
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