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Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 WRC


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Been informed that the glass is back in. Not long now then :cool:
Going up to see her tomorrow after work. I go away on holiday Wednesday for a fortnight so I want to see her before she appears at Oswestry show on the 15th and 16th June. The spray shop are putting her on their stand for the weekend.


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She's done, well almost! Original wheels being resprayed then she's done. She's going in for a full "gold package" ceramic coating that will take five days from this Saturday. When the wheels are done they are taking them down to the ceramic man and fitting them there so they can have the treatment also. Should be all good to go for Cars in the Park at Lichfield next weekend :cool:
She's back home where she belongs but the bill made me cry o_O paint14.jpg paint16.jpg paint17.jpg paint18.jpg paint19.jpg paint20.jpg paint21.jpg


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Very jealous! My 2nd car was a Gen 6 SX-R Celica that looks like this without all the cosmetics (and AWD system + turbo :()

Miss that car though - having a bit of nostalgia looking at these build thread!
Congrats, the car looks fantastic.
I had an ST185 GT4 years ago that I have always regretted selling to get a sensible family car. I really wanted an ST205, but couldn’t afford it at the time.


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Just a few pics of her in almost complete form. Just need the three spokes finished and we're done.
She's looking a lot different to when I picked her up 18 months ago with rusty arches and sills and every single panel scratched, scraped, dinged or dented.

Picked her up from Ceramic PRO North Wales on Friday after work.


Then went straight down to "Cars in the Park" Lichfield. She got a bit of attention so that was nice :cool:
ceramic2.jpg ceramic3.jpg
Just got the original wheels to be finished and ceramic coated for the final picture.
Great job Meirion, the car looks amazing. I'm in the middle of a similar project. Have a '94 ST-205 WRC J-spec, which needs a ful paint job, but first, we need to make a lhd conversion - so game on. There is absolutely no rust enywhere on the car and it ran only 97t km.

Seeing yours all shiny - let's say, it just got a lot harder to wait for the project to be over.

BTW - is it possible to get the link for that SSS kit from Russia. I don't know in what shape SS is on my car, so trying to get as much info as possible on the parts I might need.
I've been informed that she has been slightly lowered on Teign springs. I do love the wheels but for the sake of going close to original I'm currently having the original three spoke alloys refurbished. Should be ready and ceramic coated by next week.