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Top Gear - 9 month review

I've driven mine 11,000 km and all downs and ups mentioned are in line with my thoughts.

Actually the 'downs' are relatively small nuisances to me (turning circle, fuel consumption, range). Where it could improve is maybe its weight. But without compromising all of the lauded functionality I don't really see where it could be shaved off.

That said, I wholeheartedly agree with the conclusion. This car is indeed engineered for maximum fun!


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Yeah, not downsides as such. Just minor quibbles.

Turning circle really is awful - 3 point turn becomes a 7 point one!
Fuel consumption - big deal, a couple of mpg worse than my Kia Pro Ceed GT - what car would I rather have??!!

That’s it for me. The interior is an upgrade for me and power is adequate (plus easily remedied through tuning box).

What a car.