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Today's the day


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Just on my way to pick up my new micron grey i30n, can't wait to bring her home... just wondering if there were any issues to look out for or check, and any tips to follow to make sure everything goes ok..... thanks in advance
What a happy day for you. MG Hyundai i30N - what good be better? :cool::)
Check out the forums for a range of issues but remember not all cars are affected by these problems. If you do have a problem then that is what the warranty period is for.


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So you owners with panel misalignment issues, are the dealers looking to rectify this or telling you this is normal?
To be honest, i didn't even bring this up at first service as I had intended to. I'm so stoked with all other aspects of the vehicle I no longer care. Not a helpful comment (sorry) but I'm too busy driving it and its not me who has to look at it when that is going on :)


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Hyundai did offer to repair it, but it all went a bit vague and messy and I gave up trying to get it done. I spoke to a Hyundai approved body shop and basically the consensus was it would cause more problems to touch it than leave it (it would misalign more panels that it would straighten up). Hyundai are aware, have photos, so if I decide to hand it back I’m not getting done over on it.


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I wonder in 5 years time when it comes to selling, will people think the car got hit and got repaired? Panel misalignment is one of the signs of smash repair.

This is a bigger concern to me then the misalignment itself.

Darn that dodgy robot in the factory.


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@Dariofil the bodywork guys said by moving it all the bolts/washers holding the panels in place would move and be very obvious as they are ‘over painted’. By leaving mine as they are, it’s clear the car hasn’t had any work done, moving them would look like it’s been hit possibly.
All the best though @Jonesy, I’m still waiting for the day, had positive news about the house sale today (I need to see a conveyancer, then it should all be done!) I’m hoping to hit the sales guy at quarter end (and Christmas...!)


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...and still no response from @Jonesy. Probably hasn't stopped driving since pick-up? Trying to get 1500km on it so it can go back for first service tomorrow? Maybe too busy just staring at it in the driveway? I love reading people's first post after getting their car, brings back fond memories :)
Mmmmm, picked up ok yesterday, not sure if I maybe have a problem. Drove 25 miles home,no problem. Went out again to get familiar a couple of hours ago and may be a steering issue. Pulling away from standstill and turning at very low speed, the steering wheel is very jerky and going from loose to stiff, not smooth at all. Almost like the power steering has failed. Had to really hold and turn sharply at least twice to turn the wheel. . Have had a search online but not found any info.. quite worrying.... not happy Unless I'm missing something obvious!!
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Looks like we have twins! Not identical though - my bonnet is more outta line than Mundine's jaw after last night.
reviving a bit of an old thread, haha. I've noticed today that my bonnet gap is bigger on one side than the other. I'm sure there was no work done on it or the wing after the accident. yet my ocd brain can't let it go. shall I just try and forget about extra 2-3mm on one side vs the other or dig deeper?:oops: