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To ABS or not to ABS.


New Member
Hi guys

I hope this is the right place for this topic. I was wondering, obviously ABS is a great tool and in professional racing forms it's very common to use the ABS if the cars are equiped with them.
But hows it with our cars? Is our ABS advanced enough to actually improve the braking?
I've heard plenty of stories on how on some cars it's better to brake just below ABS level, because when the ABS kicks in it will make the braking distance longer. And also other stories on how they just smash the brakes, use ABS and improve the braking performance/consistency.

My personal input is that I haven't tested it enough yet. I tend to keep the braking force just below ABS level and it's consistent and good (in my opinion). On the wet however I was quite a lot on the ABS, not always with the intention to, but wet tracks are damn slippary.

Anyone in here who can say once and for all, ABS or no ABS on the stock i30N?